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9781171296706 | John Tillotson
Two Books. by the Right Reverend Father in God, John Late Lord Bishop of Chester. to Which Is Added, a Sermon Preached at His Funeral, by William Lloyd, D.D. Dean of Bangor (1693)
English | Paperback | 2010

9781171321415 | Anon
With Diuers Addicions of Statutes, Booke Cases, Plees in Abatements of the Saide Writtes, and Their Declaracions, and Barres to the Same Added and Put in Their Places Moste Conuenient. (1557)
English | Paperback

9781171339526 | Stephen Gosson
What Miseries We Are Subiect Vnto: Howe Vncertaine This Life Is: And What Shal Be Our Ende. Englished by H. Kirton. (1576)
English | Paperback | 2010

9781240410699 | Richard Hopkins
Treating of the Principall Matters and Holy Misteries of Our Fayth / Written by F. Lewes de Granada. (1596)
English | Paperback | 2010